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One team, people are at heart,

we grow with our community


Expanding markets in Europe and growing online

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All brands together have 500+ sales locaties

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About C&S Fashion Group

Get to know us

C&S Fashion Group is a family-owned fashion company that started in 2004. Now after 16 years, we have a family of five unique brands with each their own identity and purpose. Together with our team we strive to rewrite the rules in fashion and continue to grow with our people.

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Strength no. 1
People’s company

We are a people’s company. Within our community, our work is based on trust and integrity. We are always open for conversation and discussion to further learn about our people and community. We believe in people and we are committed to keep growing with our community.

Strength no. 2
In-house expertise and operation

With our in-house team of designers divided over our five brands, we are able to translate a concept from idea to execution within one company. This allows us to be even more creative and develop at a fast phase.

Strength no. 3
Fast and flexible

We continue to work efficiently under changing circumstances by continuously adapting to the environment, tasks and responsibilities. We are straightforward and keep an open mind when change comes around.

Growing in time

Our growth over the years

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Our Community

Publication Exxcellent

The new Dutch clothing brand for women with a happy size. The brand has experienced tremendous growth in recent months and is currently expanding rapidly. Last year the size series consisted of 44 to 48, since May 2019 a new size series has been added: 42 to 52. Because the demand for size 54 was so great among current customers, this size was also added in July 2019 come.

- Textilia

Our Community


FLURESK is a Dutch designed label, but inspired by the Los Angeles laid-back and Parisian chic feeling. FLURESK was first launched in summer 2020 and was introduced as the new trendy brand for the stylish girl next door. Two words to describe the brand? Cool and chic.

- Sarah Chen, Co-Founder FLURESK

Our Community


I’m very proud for being present since the start of G-maxx, 5 years ago. We have established a beautiful Dutch brand for all women who are fashionable with an eye for the last trends.

- Bianca Kooijmans, Team Leader G-maxx & Exxcellent

Our Community

First Publication G-maxx

A dress that is always good, doesn't it deserve a place in your wardrobe? It is ideal for going to work - and drinks afterwards - and festive for a dinner. And the G-maxx brand has many more fun things to complete your wardrobe. All thoroughly Dutch, fashionable and affordable. Have a look.

- Fabulous mama