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About G-maxx
G-maxx is a ladies fashion brand from the Netherlands that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Started as a small boutique, G-maxx managed to continue as an established brand. G-maxx has a vision of creating a fashion label that is not only fashion forward, well-tailored, and inclusive for all women but also affordable and comfortable.


What started out as a small and dedicated team has now grown into a big team of experts and in-house designers that handle every aspect of the company carefully. As the famous saying goes: growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. With hard work, determination, courage, loyalty, trust, patience, a lot of ups and downs, we managed to expand G-maxx even more.


G-maxx now has over 250 sales locations in The Netherlands and has also expanded to Germany and England. To make our collection accessable anytime, our collections can be browsed online at our B2C website at any time.


G-maxx’s success would not have been possible without our creative, dedicated team and our clients. We look forward to many years of collaboration, creativity and growth.


Unique selling points
We want to demonstrate to the fashion industry that it is possible to stay on trend, offer excellent customer service and stay affordable.


G-maxx differentiates herself by offering exclusive services and advantages to her clients.  G-maxx offers a broad assortment of styles, which caters to the needs of every woman. We think it’s fun to mix and match items and to create your own style with it. This is the main reason why we offer small trend themes where all items can be combined with each other to create your own style.


G-maxx’s success heavily relies on the competence, friendliness, helpfulness, and problem solving skills of our terrific customer service. We offer two exclusive opportunities for our clients throughout the year to swap previously purchased items for different, new items. This allows our clients to replace garments that do not meet sales targets for new garments in order to support the sales of all our clients.


Curious about what G-maxx has to offer you as a retailer? Please contact us at sales@g-maxx.eu.


G-maxx brings out four main collections and two flash collections each year. G-maxx offers a wide variety of garments. From casual to sporty and from basics to bold prints, we make sure to cater to our customer’s needs.  We are also known for using durable and comfortable fabrics. For example, our iconic travel fabric. This is a unique fabric that is resistant to wrinkles, easy to wash, and quick to dry. G-maxx’s collections are created to mix and match from comfortable to chic endlessly.


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Selling Points


Target Group

35 – 54 years old

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