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C&S The Label started as C&S Paris, a cash & carry brand for retailers. It started off as an accessories and jewelry brand, but over the years this has expanded to clothing and shoes. After more than 15 years, due to the changing market, C&S Paris decided to convert the cash & carry part into a real label.


Now, C&S The Label has grown into a fashion-forward fashion label with on-trend items and casual styles. C&S The Label creates six collections per year and these collections consist of 80% clothing items and 20% accessories.


C&S The Label offers a combination of trendy, casual and comfortable styles for the fashion-conscious woman. Both strong basics and real on-trend items in catchy prints and colors. Thanks to years of experience, we excel in quality, fit and an eye for detail.


Since the brand was converted to a label in 2020, it already has 150+ points of sale and is still growing today.


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