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Press Release G-maxx

Dutch women’s fashion brand G-maxx celebrates its 5th anniversary

G-maxx exists 5 years on 17 September 2020. The company can look back on a turbulent, beautiful and educational time. This were five challenging years for the company, particularly the past six months in which it achieved 250 selling points in the Netherlands for the first time.


G-maxx is a ladies fashion brand from the Netherlands that has become a true hit in recent years. Started as a boutique, G-maxx managed to continue as an established brand. Since its launch in 2015, G-maxx has really taken off. The success is largely due to the formula, which has been the common thread for years. The brand translates the latest trends into wearable, affordable and stylish collections that are suitable for every woman. By offering a wide range of different styles, it is possible for every woman to create her own style. Create your own style, according to G-maxx’s slogan.


It was clear from day 1 that it is difficult to flourish and grow in the fashion industry. To be able to flourish in an industry like this, it is important to be distinctive. With the experience and knowledge gained in recent years, G-maxx is constantly making improvements in the working method and in the collections. This allows the brand to continue to grow in a market that is constantly changing.


The unforeseen COVID-19 crisis seemed to be the bummer, but nothing could be further from the truth: G-maxx has pulled out all the stops and managed to guide the brand through the crisis. All employees contributed to this. The result: an even closer team and a new record in the number of points of sale.


G-maxx would like to thank its employees, but also its customers and all other partners who have contributed to the growth of the company in recent years. On to the next milestone!