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At the end of 2018, we proudly launched Exxcellent. Exxcellent is a new Dutch clothing brand for the curvy woman. The brand has experienced tremendous growth in the past year and is currently expanding rapidly. We have undergone significant development in both quality and fashion value.


Each season, Exxcellent aims to transform the latest catwalk trends into the best plus-size looks, where all the plus points may come out while retaining the commerciality, because that is our unique selling point.


Exxcellent uses a size series going up from size 42 and especially looks at where the demand lies within our target group. Exxcellent releases six collections a year. With a mix of modern prints, high quality fabric and carefully chosen color palettes, the Exxcellent woman can dress up for each occasion with a plus.


Collection info:

Size range: 42 till 54

Pre-order and B2C

Fashion level: On trend fashion now, trend following.

    • Elaborated models with beautiful finish, made with love for our products.
    • Luxurious qualities, a lot of stretch materials.
    • Iconic travel material. A fabric that is used a lot in Exxcellent’s collections and is known for.
    • It is a sister of G-maxx.


Click here to visit the Exxcellent webshop.

Selling Points


Target Group

35 – 60 years old

Founded in