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About Us

C&S Fashion Group is a family-owned fashion company that started in 2004. Now after several years, we have a built a family of unique brands with each their own identity and purpose. Together with our team we strive to rewrite the rules in fashion and continue to grow with our people.


Our brands G-maxx, Exxcellent, C&S The Label, FLURESK and Modekiosk continue to grow domestically as well as expanding markets in Europe and online.


With an in-house team of experts and designers, we strive to continuously develop new concepts and create collections suitable for the right target group.

Furthermore, we have an agent office in China, who keep a close eye on the production process.


Our aim is to deliver accessible apparel made with the highest quality. With a no non-sense approach to fashion, we strive to rewrite the rules in fashion to make it approachable for anyone.


Discover more about our brands here: G-maxx, Exxcellent, C&S The Label, FLURESK.