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How it started


The start of C&S


It all started with cash & carry brand C&S Paris. Our customers visited our showrooms or shop through our B2B to shop the newest fashion and trends for their stores. In the beginning at C&S Paris only jewelery was sold.


C&S Paris


The jewelery we started with has been expanded with shawls and bags.


C&S Paris


During this year, the collection of C&S Paris expanded by adding their own clothing line.




Started as a small boutique, G-maxx managed to continue as an established brand since 2015.




In 2017 G-maxx created a special XX plus fashion label without any further expectations. In the end, it turned out to be a small plus size collection that was well-received by our B2B clients. After a while the brand received feedback and started improving the collection. In 2018 Exxcellent was found, a whole new plus size brand which is growing every season.


C&S The Label


C&S The Label started as C&S Paris, a cash & carry brand. After more than 15 years, due to the changing market, C&S Paris decided to convert the cash & carry part into a real fashion label.




FLURESK is a Dutch designed label, but inspired by the Los Angeles laid-back and Parisian chic feeling. FLURESK was first launched in summer 2020 and was introduced as the new trendy brand for the stylish girl next door.




Modekiosk launched in the eventful year 2020. Modekiosk is the new online kiosk in town. A fashion platform that is stylish, inspiring and up to date for women of all ages.